In a cozy family setting in the heart of the 3-gabled estate, in the beautiful forest of Fontainebleau, the Cook'Odile Workshops offer Cooking and Pastry Workshops:


Thematic workshops (# Themes):

- Frequency: monthly (see calendar)

- Themes: Sweet, Sweet-Salty, Salty

> Ex. Macarons, Aperitif, Gourmet Tea, Chocolate Gourmet Chocolate, Cupcakes, Verrine Desserts, Burgers, Brunch etc.


Privatized workshops (# Privatized):

> We build with you your workshop according to your tastes and your budget.

- Individual, Family, Friends

- Bachelor parties (#Bachelorparty)

- Team Cohesion (#Team Building)


Offer a workshop:

> Gift Certificates, Vouchers


The pleasure of pastry! 

Atelier culinaire


The taste of the kitchen! 

Atelier Cuisine Légère 03/05/2018

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